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nordanvinden's Journal

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What to know about me? My username is Swedish and means "the North Wind". I live in the north of Sweden hence the username, hehe!
I'm more of a lurker than a writer myself so therefore I might not write much but I love to comment stuff so I'll gladly do that, laughs!
abby/gibbs, abby/mcgee, abby/tony, adrian/christian, adrian/rose, alec/max, annie/mitchell, aragorn/legolas, arthur/merlin, bella/jasper, bill/tom, buffy/spike, cameron/john, cara/kahlan, cara/richard, caspian/peter, castiel/dean, cedric/hermione, chihiro/haku, christian/lissa, claire/zach, clark/oliver, criminal minds, damon/elena, damon/stefan, danny/steve, dark angel, dean/castiel, dean/sam, deeks/kensi, dimitri/rose, draco/harry, draco/hermione, ed/envy, ed/ling, edward/jacob, elena/damon, envy/ed, eragon, eragon/murtagh, ergo proxy, eric/sookie, fanfiction, fullmetal alchemist, georg/tom, gibbs/abby, gibbs/kate, gibbs/mcgee, gibbs/tony, gibbs/ziva, gustav/bill, haldir/legolas, harry potter, harry/draco, hawaii five-0, hermione/adrian, hermione/cedric, hermione/draco, hermione/lucius, hermione/regulus, hermione/sirius, hermione/theo, hermione/tom, irial/niall, jack/elizabeth, jacob/edward, jasper/bella, jin/fuu, john/cameron, kahlan/cara, kahlan/richard, kate/ari, kate/gibbs, kate/mcgee, kate/tony, kensi/deeks, kirk/spock, ledgend of the seeker, legolas/aragorn, legolas/haldir, lestat/louis, ling/ed, louis/lestat, lucius/hermione, mal/river, max/alec, maxxie/tony, mcgee/abby, mcgee/gibbs, mcgee/tony, merlin/arthur, mitchell/annie, morgan/reid, mugen/fuu, mugen/jin, murtagh, murtagh/eragon, ncis, niall/irial, nikita, oliver/clark, penny/sheldon, peter/caspian, regulus/hermione, reid/morgan, richard/cara, richard/kahlan, river/mal, rose/adrian, rose/dimitri, sam/dean, samurai champloo, sark/sydney, sheldon/penny, sirius/hermione, slash, smut, sookie/eric, spencer reid, spike/buffy, spirited away, spock/kirk, stefan/damon, steve/danny, supernatural, sydney/sark, the iron fey, the vampire chronicles, the vampire diaries, theo/hermione, tom/bill, tom/georg, tom/hermione, tony/gibbs, tony/kate, tony/maxxie, tony/mcgee, tony/ziva, tscc, twilight, twincest, vampire academy, vlad/robin, wicked lovely, yaoi, young dracula, zach/claire, ziva/gibbs, ziva/mcgee, ziva/tony